Making Masks: part 9

Do you see that? Way down there, at the end of this long tunnel? It’s a light! It is tiny and faint, but it is definitely a light! I think my vision is even adjusting to the dark. The path to the pinhole is just barely visible.

That’s how it feels when I finally get a tentative timeline down on paper for a large project. The other day, I formulated my battle plans for the production and release of Mask: Shadow, the first in a trilogy of poetry chapbooks with soundtracks.

Very quick sigh of relief… OK now back to work.

At this point, the book has been written and the music has been composed. In the next couple of weeks, I am hoping to record the soundtrack + design the covers. I still need beta readers. If you would like to get an advance PDF copy for free and give me your feedback on it, sign up for my mailing list as a beta reader (a.k.a. certified awesome person).

Next post, maybe I will have a sneak preview of the cover or perhaps a promo pic ready. In the meantime, follow me on Goodreads so people think I am legit :p

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