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Obligatory third-person bio:

Joseph VanBuren is a multimedia storyteller, horror lover, music freak, former Dungeon Master, survivor, and the scrambled brains behind Sykophunk Productions. Spawned from the haunted Hudson Valley, New York, he grew up in the tangled webs of poverty and abuse. He discovered an escape from the isolation he often felt through the power of imagination. Despite the hardships, his mother always encouraged him to follow his dreams, and he did.

As an adult, Joseph pursued a career in music for nearly two decades while battling demons of depression, anxiety, and addiction. He wrote and recorded hundreds of songs. He opened up for national acts like Rehab, Anybody Killa, Liquid Assassin, Razakel, Lil Wyte, and 2 Live Crew. He even had one of his tracks played on The Colbert Report. In 2010, he started his own record label, Sykophunk Productions. 30+ releases later, he was no better off than when he started, partially due to the toxicity of alcoholism and false friendship.

After the music business chewed Joseph up and spit him out, he found himself in a strange place: Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was in a hospital bathroom, looking into the mirror at the monster that tried to kill him by drunk-driving into a tree. Things needed to change.

With the help of an angel named Renée, Joseph straightened up his life. He got clean, enrolled in college, and began pursuing a new career path in writing, editing, and publishing. He began building the foundation for a new platform as a multi-media artist. In May 2018, at 40-years-old, Joseph graduated with a bachelor’s degree and married the love of his life.

Joseph has self-published four books. His poetry and fiction have been published in the anthologies Haunted are these Houses (Unnerving), Untimely Frost (Lycan Valley Press), and Bards Against Hunger as well as the magazines The Sirens Call and Horror Sleaze Trash. He spent a year as the editor-in-chief of the literary journal Confluence. His current goals include creating a multi-media post-apocalyptic horror mythos, as featured in his Masks series of poetry books with accompanying soundtracks.

Much of Joseph’s work is dark and deals with important social and psychological issues. He uses the language of horror and other misunderstood media to speak for marginalized people whose voices are not heard enough. He also raises awareness of charities close to his heart that help people dealing with hunger, poverty, mental illness, addiction, and trauma. His greatest goal as an artist is to inspire others to face their fears, rise above life’s challenges, and keep following their dreams.