Making Masks: part 8

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled program…

Despite spending way more time than I had anticipated on Operation Platform Builder, I have actually made some great progress on Mask: Shadow this past week. Which is good, because school starts back up in three days, which will be fighting this project for my time.

What is Mask: Shadow, you ask? For those just tuning in, feel free to go back to the beginning of this blog series.

The status of this project is as follows: I have the majority of the soundtrack composed. The next month or so will be dedicated to recording, plus cover design and e-book formatting. I’m cutting it close, but everything will be ready for a Halloween release. Somehow.

The book itself is already written and ready for beta readers. If you would like to get an advance PDF copy for free and give me your feedback on it, sign up for my mailing list as a beta reader (a.k.a. certified awesome person).

As always, you can stay updated by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and now on Goodreads as well 🙂

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