Making Masks: part 6

Beinvenido! Enter the ride here – a roller coaster of winging it, behind-the-scenes of my scrambled brains trying to figure out how to find readers for a dark, weird poetry (3 strikes, you’re out!) chapbook + soundtrack. Follow each step of the process, from conception to release on Halloween 2017.

Last post, I pulled a bunch of new marketing ideas out of my ass. Through some tweaking of said plans, I have actually accomplished quite a bit in the past two weeks:

My old poetry book has been fully revised and split into two volumes. The Consciousness Conspiracy (Remix) vol. 1 will be available for free on as many digital platforms as I can get it on.

Whoever likes the book can opt-in to get volume two by signing up for my mailing list. That way, I can stay in touch with people who actually like what I do, and vice versa, and I won’t bother people who don’t. And vice versa 😀

Other progress being made: I have five tracks composed for the soundtrack, set up an account with Smashwords (check out my author interview here), and started setting up The Consciousness Conspiracy (Remix) vol. 1 on Createspace/Amazon. It is so close to being official, which is both super exciting and anxiety-inducing.

I give up trying to predict what will be in the next post, so I am not saying that the links for my free book will be ready. And this is NOT the cover reveal:

Consciousness Conspiracy (Remix) vol 1
Not the official cover reveal for my upcoming free book 😉

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