Making Masks: part 5

Thanks for boomeranging back to my bi-weekly behind-the-scenes blog series about the making of my upcoming poetry chapbook + soundtrack, Masks: Shadow, documenting the many trials and errors of this creative endeavor from the beginning to its release on Halloween.

Last post I wrote about unexpected shit happening. And then shortly thereafter, some unexpected shit happened. After attending a bunch of webinars, I put together a new vision of marketing for Masks: Shadow. This entails, among other things, revision and resurrection of my old books.

Old books? That’s right. I self-published a poetry collection in 2007 and a short story collection in 2010. Having absolutely no idea what I was doing, the books just fell into a digital black hole of obscurity. Which is exactly what I am trying to avoid this time.

Dark poetry from a self-published author probably won’t be a best-seller – I know this. Fans of indie horror and weird poetry do exist, though. They read what they love and love what they read. I know this as well, because 1. I am one of those fans, and 2. I have been studying horror markets for a while now.

So, instead of working on the Masks: Shadow book or soundtrack, I have been revising relics and formulating new battle plans. But it’s all good – the release is still a go for Halloween. Before that, I will have given out two other books for free(!) in an attempt to reach readers and build my mailing list.

Since you are awesome enough to read this blog, you get the first opportunity to join and get free stuff – sign up on my official site. In the next day or two, I plan on doing a cover reveal, first to the mailing list and then on my Facebook author page. Maybe by the next post, the links will be ready for The Consciousness Conspiracy (remix).

About to mix these suckers up!

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