Take a moment

to be in the moment.

Just be here

right now,

no other time or place.

Just be you

in the presence

of the present.

There is no past or future.

There is only this moment

and the steady rhythm

of your even breathing.

Inhale the good.

Exhale the bad.

Suspend your judgment.

Let distractions be,

then let them go.

Relax back into rest.

Refocus on your breath.

Three-count in,

four-count out.

Feel your mind and body

fill with peace and calmness.

Enjoy the stillness of relaxation

and harmony with yourself.

Allow your breathing to deepen.

Four-count in,

six-count out.

This is the rhythm of being,

the silence of miracle,

the awareness of life.

person meditating in a psychedelic vision

From my book here now peace

Soundtrack also available on Bandcamp, Spotify, or wherever you get your music.

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