2019 Goals: Month 1

As heard on The Mando Method via Project Entertainment Network, here are my creative goals for this year, with some extra qualifiers:

  • 1. Word count: 210K (100K fiction, 100K nonfiction, 10K poetry)
  • 2. Patreon: continue to release 6 things per month including a new serialized novella, short stories, essays, videos, poems, & songs (see below)
  • 3. Releases: 4 (2 albums – Persona & Self, 1 book – Masks complete, 1 interactive story – Adriana’s Tale)
  • 4. Submissions to anthologies/magazines: 24 (12 poetry, 6 fiction, 6 nonfiction queries)
  • 5. Edit & polish: the novella I finished last year, The Black Circle, to submit to publishers
  • 6. Get more subscribers on Patreon, whatever sorcery it takes
Joseph VanBuren writing word count
I stole this idea from Armand Rosamilia. Each number is how many words I wrote that day. A big red X means I wrote zero words that day. Something to improve on.

Here are a few nebulous bonus goals:

  • More networking (which has kind of already begun #MandoMafia)
  • Attend Days of the Dead Indianapolis in July (and get a vendor table?)
  • Book something while in New Orleans in September (my wife and I are taking a trip there, so I might as well see if I can do an open mic or something while we’re there)

How am I doing so far?

  • Mask: Persona album is recorded and almost ready for release
  • A little ahead of schedule for my Patreon releases
  • Came up with a marketing campaign for Patreon I will start to launch next month

My daily word count average is 441. I need to get that higher in order to hit my 210K goal for the year.

I’ll be posting monthly updates on my progress here and in my rEvolution Underground newsletter. Sign up if you want even more updates and free stuff. Thanks for taking this journey with me 🙂 #Sykophunk!

How are you doing on your 2019 goals so far?

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