Birthday Party Playlist

It’s my birthday, and I’ll listen to weird music if I want to. You can listen along too: check out my Spotify playlist Demented Dances and Drunken Anarchy. Multiple personality music for partying pirates, cabaret corpses, circus sideshows, medieval maniacs, apocalyptic lunatics, and bellydancing bombshells.

I turn 41 today. Somehow, I have survived for four decades. That is a feat in itself, especially considering some of my former lifestyle choices. There is a lot that I still wish to accomplish in this life. Regardless of how the future turns out, I appreciate the people and events that shaped the person I am today. I’ll drink to that, but only one or two. Maybe moderation will help me live a few more decades.

OK, enough serious reflection for one birthday. Back to my fun and weird playlist 🙂

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