Do You Like Gothic Fiction and Poetry?

You might answer that question with one of your own: “Are we talking classic or modern gothic?” And I would answer: “Either one,” because this new anthology has both!

Haunted Are These Houses is the latest book from Unnerving, one of the best indie horror publishers out there IMO. They constantly release quality dark literature, and this book is looking to be no exception. The table of contents lists 34 authors, from the classic gothic masters (Poe, Percy Shelley, Emily & Charlotte Bronte, etc.) to modern dark masters (Stephanie Wytovich, Bruce Boston, Christina Sng, etc.) to speculative newbies like yours truly.

I am honored and thrilled to be included in this book. Honestly, it is a milestone for me and just the kick in the ass I needed right now. I’ve been struggling with promoting my latest release, Mask: Persona, and doubting my ability to reach an audience for my art. Getting published in this anthology is proof to me that hard work is worth it and does pay off in the long run. I hope you remember that next time you are struggling with something very personal to you.

Haunted Are These HousesHaunted Are These Houses ebook is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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