6 New Things

Somehow, it is February already, which means it is still winter. Meh. It also means that I have new exclusive content available on my Patreon page. Yay! Here is some info on my offerings this month:

“Nightmare” – I wrote this poem long ago after waking up from a nightmare that scared the shit out of me even though I couldn’t quite remember what it was about.

“Age of Darkness” – second song from the album Nocternal: Democalypse Trilogy part III. A transmission from the future…

The Black Circle, part 2 – the second part of my serialized campy horror novella. This part develops the characters and setting a bit more plus introduces the other protagonist and parallel plot. Bonus points if you catch the reference to The Shining.

Acapellocalypse 2 “The Mentalist” – in this episode, Joe Doe is escaping from the Hudson Valley Wellness Center.

“Superstitious” – another revised story that originally appeared in my out-of-print collection Other Shadows. This is my version of a Gothic tale set in the Victorian era. Best read with an English accent đŸ˜‰

“Someone to Hate (sykophunk remix)” – I used to do a lot of online collaborations and remixes. This is a bad ass metal song from the band Demon Hunter with a Sykophunk twist.

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