Putting It All Out There

So, how are all of your goals and resolutions going? I am one week into a new semester of college and already feeling overwhelmed. LMAO! On the other hand, I have already completed one thing on my list for this year: starting the official JVB/Sykophunk Patreon page!

Every month, I will release the following exclusively on Patreon: one new poem, one new song, one part of my serialized novella, one video, one revised story, one remixed track, plus behind-the-scenes stuff and previews/rough drafts/demos of upcoming projects. This will cover all of my writing & music: horror, hip hop, new age, humor, goth/industrial, metal, apocalyptic, trip hop, ambient, etc.

I was going to do more research and planning for it, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Sometimes you just have to jump in and learn to swim. Anyone want to test the waters with me?

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