Have a Holly Jolly Christmahanukwanzayule…

Happy Holidays to you and yours, whatever you celebrate this season.

I am very proud of my latest project, Mask: Shadow, and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has shown support for me and my work. Creating and releasing a dark poetry book + instruMental horror soundtrack while going to college full-time and working a day job part-time has been a challenging and rewarding endeavor.

While reflecting upon my experience, I realized what I want for Christmas: reviews of my books. As you know, I am just starting to establish my author platform, and having reviews on Amazon and Goodreads is especially important for new writers. It is the number one way in which I can build credibility and a bigger readership.

If you have read either of my books, Mask: Shadow or The Consciousness Conspiracy: Remix (vol. 1), would you please take a moment to drop a review online? It would mean the world to me and help my cause tremendously. If you have not read them yet, now is a great time to get your e-book copies. Right now, The Consciousness Conspiracy is only 99 cents & you can read Mask: Shadow for free on Kindle Unlimited. Here are the links:

Mask: Shadow on Amazon
Mask: Shadow on Goodreads
The Consciousness Conspiracy on Amazon
The Consciousness Conspiracy on Goodreads

Thanks again for supporting independent literature and underground horror!

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