Making Masks: part 12

OK, yes, it has been hard to keep up with myself and post on this blog as often as I’d like. I’ve also been sick AF lately, which is probably exacerbated by how damn hard I have been working. But it is all paying off, and I am super excited to say that my dark poetry book + instruMental horror music soundtrack, Mask: Shadow, is out and available in various formats! E-book, Kindle Unlimited, paperback, MP3, streaming, CD…

You can find all the links and watch the trailer on my official site.

This has been a hell of a ride, and I thank anyone who took the time to share parts of this journey with me by reading this blog and/or following me on social media. The rEvolution Underground continues because of your support!

There will be a chance to get an e-book copy of Mask: Shadow for free, c/o of the Poetry Super Highway. This will be a one day only opportunity on December 1. Follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter for the fastest updates.

That time I participated in the 2017 Author Fair at the Allen County Downtown Library and forgot to blog about it.

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