New Release: The Consciousness Conspiracy (Remix) vol. 1

Raise the roof for soul-crushing existential thought experiments! The new version of my old poetry chapbook, The Consciousness Conspiracy (Remix), is now available for FREE download in all major e-book formats: epub, mobi/Kindle, pdf, etc. You can get your copy from Smashwords right now – I just submitted it to Amazon this morning.

Can I get a Rick Flair “Wooo!!!”? Check out the trailer I made for it:

If you have followed this blog from the beginning of Making Masks, you know that I have been formulating my maniacal battle plans for months, slaloming between school and the day job to get it all done. This release is a huge step, but now it’s time to prepare things for my next release on Halloween.

While I do that, go download The Consciousness Conspiracy (Remix) vol. 1 for free and please let me know what you think. Comment here, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. Good, bad, or indifferent: I want all the feedback. Gracias mis amigos locos!

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