Making Masks: part 3

Welcome back to my blog series about the making of my upcoming poetry chapbook + soundtrack, Masks: Shadow. I am documenting this exciting and nerve-wracking experience from the beginning to its release on Halloween.

Last post, I revealed the first promo video for this project. For those wondering “what’s up with the masks and what do they have to do with poetry or music?” allow me to explain.

The masks in the video are all different personas I have put on, as a music artist, for live performances, videos, and promo pics. I also made most of them myself. Each mask represents a different character in a fictional mythos I have been developing for over two decades. For a little more about this mythos, check out the Nocternal site (not much there yet, but I hope to add more in the future).

Masks: Shadow will be the first in a trilogy of poetry books with accompanying soundtracks. Most of the poems within will be from the voice of a singular character: a tormented soul who calls himself Dostah Shilailee.

The first draft of the book is done, and I began working on the first music track just this morning.

This is going to be a fun and daunting journey! Thank you for taking it with me. I welcome any feedback along the way, good or bad. Next post, I’ll talk more about my production and promotion deadlines. You know, the exciting stuff :p For now, here’s a pic of Gracenado protecting me while I get the poems in order 🙂


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