Amalgamon – monster character description

All I was given was this picture… here is the creature description I created for it.Image

Born of an arcane accident, Amalgamon fights with the fury of a Hell it is forced to dwell in. When a necromancer attempted to resurrect a demon’s corpse, something in the ritual went amiss, and the soul of the deceased demon instead entered the necromancer’s body. After a gruesome and painful transformation, the result was Amalgamon: a two-headed monstrosity resembling a Hellish demon with a skeletal Siamese twin.

Due to the curse of being attached to a demonic soul, Amalgamon was dragged to Hell and can never leave. It now serves as a gatekeeper of the underworld. Posted as a sentry between territories, Amalgamon uses its pent up rage to fend off those uninvited guests that would try to get through the gates. It is a creature of little words and even less patience.

Amalgamon’s fighting style is furious and unpredictable. It relies heavily on its ability to fly to dodge oncoming attacks. Amalgamon is quick and tough but lacks a sense of strategy. This is partially due to the duality of existence it faces in being controlled by two different souls, which at times drives Amalgamon towards two different courses of action. In fact, the two heads of Amalgamon can sometimes be found arguing between each other, which is when it is most vulnerable to attack. In most cases, however, the souls work together towards the common goal of defending the gates of Hell.

Normal Attacks
Light damage: Claws
Medium damage: Double Bite
Heavy damage: Wing Slap – this attack sends out a surge of wind as well, which has a chance to stun the victim, causing that player to lose his/her next turn.

Special Abilities
Wing Shield – Enclosing itself within its massive wings, Amalgamon can protect itself from normal attacks and lessen the damage from special attacks.
Fury of Claws – Using all six of its claws, Amalgamon becomes enraged and unleashes a quick succession of claw attacks.
Possession – An ethereal form of Amalgamon’s skeletal head is projected forward, and the ghostly entity enters the opponent’s body momentarily. This attack does no damage, but steals Resources from the player targeted and gives them to the player controlling Amalgamon.

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