character outline for Dark Domain a.k.a. Nocternal

Adriana Van Helsing

Survivalist of the rEvolution Underground

Location: Sanctuary

Age: 24

Sex: F

Nationality/race: mostly Dutch/Germanic mixed with other European blood

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 150 lbs.

Eyes: green

Hair: red-brown, medium-length

Physical appearance: Broad and a bit muscular, not exactly feminine but still fairly attractive, even with the scar under her right eye. She dresses in camouflage fatigues, partially covered by pieces of makeshift body armor. With her attire, she looks kind of like a cross between a military soldier and a medieval warrior.

Personality/behavior/habits: Strong of mind as well as body, Adriana often takes the lead in situations. She is blunt and abrupt, sometimes giving people the wrong impression – she just calls it as she sees it, maybe with a hint of attitude depending on who she’s talking to. She is a follower of the rEvolution Underground. She also believes, or wants others to believe, that she is a descendent of Abraham Van Helsing (insisting the story of Dracula is a historical account rather than a work of fiction) and has claimed the last name as her own. And though not always open about it, Adriana is a lesbian and quick to angrily reject any man that even remotely flirts with her.

Talents/skills: Adriana is trained in many different weapons; proficient with swords and knives, and a good shot with her submachine guns, which she prefers for their small size and light weight, as she‘s often on the move. She is a survivalist – she adapts well to most situations and can make quick, tough decisions.

Weaknesses/fears: At times, Adriana’s impatience and brashness blind her from seeing the bigger picture. Her self-righteous attitude borders on egotism, often making social interacts awkward for her.

Motivation/goals: Adriana is driven by her desire to destroy evil and her urge to show the world that women can kick ass just as much as men.

Background: Being raised solely by her neurotically protective father, young Adriana wished to run away from home. She took an interest in survivalist tactics and self defense at an early age and trained to use various weapons, against her fathers wishes. When the undead appeared in NYC, Adriana’s father refused to follow her to her friend’s bomb shelter, so she left him behind. After the nuclear bomb hit and things settled down on the surface, she set out with minimal supplies, in search of other survivors. Once she came across Sanctuary, she had found her new home. Many residents at Sanctuary now look at her as a leader, though they aren’t always willing to join her on her ventures out into the world to search for supplies and more people.

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