How Are You Coping?

Seems like we are still in times of fear and uncertainty. I am always curious about how people deal with the strange days they find themselves in.

I am finding comfort and distraction in a few outlets. Surprisingly, one of them is cooking. I’ve been having fun this week experimenting with food and cooking new things for me and my wife to enjoy together.

Of course, creativity is always one way I deal with the world’s craziness. Another go-to for me is mindfulness meditation. My latest project, here now peace, blends the two. It’s different than anything I’ve done before, but it’s what I think people need right now. I know it’s helping me.

You can catch the very first preview of here now peace in the 2020 JVB/Sykophunk sampler. It includes samples of my poetry, music, fiction, and my book The Consciousness Conspiracy (remix) vol 2 in its entirety! Enjoy 🙂

What have you been doing to cope with everything these days?

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