6 (Mostly Free) Ways to Stay Entertained

I am proud to be an independent, underground artist. Always have been. But along with minimal middle men and creative freedom, this path comes with its share of hardships as well, such as being 100% self-funded.

Now that I’ve lost my day job and main source of income, all of my creative plans are in limbo. Seems like a great time to remind you of some simple ways you can stay entertained and support your favorite indie creators at the same time.

We love making stuff for you but can only continue with your patronage. That’s how the world works. Luckily, all of these ideas cost as little as one dollar, and some are 100% free!

  • Subscriptions. Sites like Patreon allow creators to offer monthly subscriptions to their content. Since a lot of us have extra free time and really need money right now, many creators have upped the ante on what they offer, giving you more bang for your buck. I have a few freebies up on my Patreon page. Anyone who likes the free stuff can subscribe for $1 and get exclusive content every month!
  • Streaming. When you listen to music on streaming sites like Spotify, artists get paid. Sure, it’s only a fraction of a cent per listen, but every little bit counts and it all adds up. I love putting playlists together on Spotify, don’t you?
  • Reviews. People are reluctant to take a chance on something unless they see good reviews online. If you recently read a book and enjoyed it, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. A lot of indie authors are offering books for free or at discounted prices right now. My book Masks: Complete Trilogy is only $0.99 this week!
  • Pay what you want. Sites like Bandcamp allow creators to offer content through a “pay what you want” model. If you have a few bucks to spare, your donation is greatly appreciated. If you don’t, enjoy your free gift. My latest album, The Isolation Sessions, is now available on Bandcamp, and Volume Two will be ready next week!
  • Videos. Youtube is one of the biggest destinations for entertainment these days. Whoever your favorite indie creators are, chances are they have a Youtube presence. Some videos are monetized so that artists can get paid, but watching any video helps keep the creator stay relevant in the algorithms. Here is one of my playlists that features my poetry, music, and weird visuals!
  • Sharing. Of course, the one thing anyone can do for free is sharing things on social media. Three seconds of your time means the world to us. When you share your favorite music, books, movies, etc. with your social network, you help your favorite creators rise above all the noise out there. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @JVBsykophunk. I am also on Goodreads!

We are all in this together. You need entertainment as a means of escape, connection, or just making a crappy day better. We need to get our creations out to the world for the same reasons. Support your favorite indie creators today!

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