The Masks We Wear

We all wear various masks for different situations. We show different faces to different people. It’s how we adapt and react to life’s changes.

I named my poetry/music series Masks because each book/album represents one of my own masks.

Sometimes, I am the Shadow, and I feel myself drowning in darkness and uncertainty.

Mask Persona by Joseph VanBuren

Other times, I am the Persona, and I think I can start a rEvolution and save the world.

Most of the time, I am the Self, and I just want to get through the day and appreciate being alive.

As I put together the Masks Complete Trilogy for a near-future release, I have gone through all three of these phases multiple times.

Life is unpredictable. Masks help protect us from the world and from ourselves.

How about you? Which mask are you wearing today?

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