April Chaos Brings May More Chaos Probably

How has April been treating you? It’s National Poetry Month! So you’d think I have been busy doing poetry stuff, right? Well, there’s also life. There’s starting a new day job, ending the old one, picking up freelance gigs, helping take care of a sick bird…

In the midst of this mess, somehow I have managed to slowly make progress on a few projects:

33 Fears – a chapbook of poems, each one based on a different phobia. I’m doing this for a contest – if I don’t win, I’ll just release it myself.

Masks Complete Trilogy – almost done formatting this. All 3 Mask books + bonus material. Coming soon…

Mask: Self album – slowly but surely working on this very weird instruMental album. Hoping to release it at the same time as the Complete Trilogy.

Random new Sykophunk tracks – had a recording session with Robb Mars recently, and we came up with 5 or 6 tracks. If I can mix the drunk out of them, we’ll have a new EP released soon.

I’ll continue to run KDP promotions through the rest of the month. April 15-19 Mask: Persona is free & April 22-26 Mask: Self will be free. Grab them up and leave me some reviews. I’d appreciate the crap outta that! And until next time, try to enjoy the daylight… (bonus points for anyone who knows what 80s show that’s from)

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