Untimely Frost dark poetry anthology

Untimely Frost: Poetry Unthawed is now available on Amazon in paperback format! Ebook coming soon. This collection, published by Lycan Valley Press Publications, consists of beautiful and horrifying poems, including one of mine entitled “Funeral Flowers.” I am honored to be a part of a project consisting of so much talent.

Untimely Frost: Poetry Unthawed
Untimely Frost: Poetry Unthawed

“The beauty and sadness of words clutches at the heart like the cold hand of Death. Images of darkness close in on us as we feel the anguish of life’s final moments. The darkness is beautiful and yet terrifying, calling on the strongest emotions for survival. This collection of poetry combines words of beauty, of despair, of darkness, of mortality that reach out and chill the soul like an Untimely Frost.”

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