May: May It Be Great For You

Today was my last day on campus at IPFW… until I return as an employee at the end of the month! Yes, my internship went so well that I have been hired in as a Marketing Assistant. Before my May 28 start date, however, I just have a few minor things to take care of:

Next week, my mom and other family members are coming in from NY. On May 9, I will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree! Two days later, I am getting married to the love of my life! We get to do Mother’s Day with both of our moms. Then we are going to spend a week away from everyone and everything (except our dog) in a cabin in the woods 🙂

I have been working really hard for the past four years, juggling school and work, editing for Confluence, doing my own writing and music, plus normal life stuff like turning 40. There is still a great journey ahead of me, but this month I can take a little time to enjoy the white hairs I suddenly have.

If you are reading this, I can’t thank you enough for joining me on this adventure. I will continue to post at least 6 new things per month on the JVB Sykophunk Patreon page and work on the next book in the Masks trilogy + a plethora of other projects I have yet to prioritize. Stay tuned to the rEvolution Underground…

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