This is just crazy –

Simply fucking nuts,

That I have to find the words,

The proper consecutive letters of the alphabet,

The one that I know,

To make a feeble attempt

To express the intense feeling

That rushes through my very being.

It is absurd

To think that I need to try

To actually describe what I feel,

What I perceive –

It is ridiculous.

My fingers tap the keys

And my brain shoots electric impulses

That I experience as memories and emotions,

Things that we could never understand,

Not even when they are our own.


Shit, it hurts.

To begin to explain how I feel,

Forced to adhere

To rules of the English language

To express abstract sensations.

This is an impossible feat.

It cannot be done.

But in some strange way,

By putting this nothing into writing,

I have given a glimpse

Into the sheer unfathomable folly

That is being me.

This is either profound or pointless,

But goddamn,

I just wrote it,

And you just read it.

Thank you.

You just helped me get rid of something

I can’t even identify.

It is all over, for now.

What a relief –

For both of us, I’m sure.

Thanks again,

And you’re welcome.

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