Shooting Star in the Mirror

There is a shooting star in the mirror.

You make a wish on it.

You believe in yourself, because you are a product of evolution.

You pray for the best, because your God always listens.

Thou shall not worship any false idols,

But your idols are all true.

You see, in the reflection, the result of those that you look up to.

The rock star that television has made you.

The healthy body of an athlete.

The compassionate mind of a teacher.

The enlightened soul of the Pope.

You stand there, eye to eye with yourself,

Confirming your status.

You are somebody.

And then you return to reality,

To be you in a vast sky full of them.

So many heavenly bodies.

A meteor shower.

Some will burn out.

Some will make an impact.

Keep telling yourself that you can choose your path,

And just maybe, one day, you’ll get your wish.

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