Though my interests are a spectrum, my specialty is creative writing of the dark and disturbing variety that often comments on social issues and taps into the psychological struggles of the human condition. I am kind of like a gothic Saul Williams: a semi-surreal sorcerer of sentence and sound, invoking the insight into insanity and human horror of Edgar Allan Poe, the lyrical rhythm and raw realism of The Wu-Tang Clan, and a whimsically dismal atmosphere like the wreckage of a Tim Burton film and a Fallout game colliding.

My recent publishing credits include: my short story "Cold World" was included in the survival anthology Life on a Tightrope, and some of my poetry was included in both the Spring 2017 issue and the Fall 2016 issue of Confluence. My poem “She” received an honorable mention in the Writer’s Digest 85th Annual Writing Competition.

My current project for 2017-2018 is a trilogy of dark poetry books, each with its own soundtrack, that introduces characters and events of a fictional post-apocalyptic world to be revealed and expanded through future releases. The poetry series is called Masks, and the release date for the first book + album, Mask: Shadow, is Halloween 2017. I am doing an almost-bi-weekly behind-the-scenes blog series called Making Masks on my Wordpress blog.

For a list of the professional services I offer, my experience, and more samples of my work, read my online resume and portfolio.