Who are you?

From the award-winning multimedia poet that author Chuck Buda calls "the cyberpunk Kerouac," Masks Complete Trilogy contains all three of the Mask chapbooks plus previously unpublished bonus poems!

We all wear various masks for different situations. We show different faces to different people. It’s how we adapt and react to life's changes.

Sometimes, we are the Shadow, drowning in darkness and uncertainty. Other times, we are the Persona, fighting to start a rEvolution and save the world. Most of the time, we are the Self, just trying to get through the day and appreciate being alive.

Life is unpredictable. Masks help protect us from the world and ourselves. Go ahead: try Masks Complete Trilogy on for size.

Sykophunk Productions presents the Not Mask Self Soundtrack. The retro-style synth-based instruMental soundtrack to an uncertain future. A roller coaster of emotions and an orgy of genres.

Over 6 years in the making, these 21 tracks represent the many lives JVB has barely survived over time. Ups, downs, and various combinations thereof. It is a surreal mix of music far too weird to be pop or mainstream yet just accessible enough to speak (without words) on the human condition.

An incomplete list of the genres and styles mashed together on this album: ambient, trip hop, synthwave, techno, industrial, underground rap beats, old school metal, neo-classical, gothic, tribal percussion, new age, horror soundtracks, cyberpunk, progressive, easy listening, etc.

Enjoy the Not Mask Self Soundtrack, which is somehow the soundtrack to the Masks Complete Trilogy...