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From the award-winning multimedia poet that author Chuck Buda calls "the cyberpunk Kerouac," Masks Complete Trilogy contains all three of the Mask chapbooks plus previously unpublished bonus poems!

We all wear various masks for different situations. We show different faces to different people. It’s how we adapt and react to life's changes. Sometimes, we are the Shadow, drowning in darkness and uncertainty. Other times, we are the Persona, fighting to start a rEvolution and save the world. Most of the time, we are the Self, just trying to get through the day and appreciate being alive.

Life is unpredictable. Masks help protect us from the world and ourselves. Go ahead: try Masks Complete Trilogy on for size.

Mask: Self is now available in paperback or ebook format!

In the darkness lies the shadow. In the spotlight lies the persona. In between, one finds the true self.

Sykophunk Productions presents Mask: Self, the third in a trilogy of poetry books with accompanying soundtracks. In this final installment, two-time Writers Digest Honorable Mention recipient Joseph VanBuren puts on perhaps the strangest mask of all: himself. This deeply personal collection goes from disturbing to humorous to thought-provoking, sometimes within the same poem. It is metaphysical meta-nonfiction for the mentally adventurous.

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Post-truth poetry. rEvolutionary rhymes. Lyrical lunacy.

This mask is the face of the unseen. These words are the voice of the unheard. They can X out our eyes and seal up our mouths, but they cannot block our vision of the future out. They could never silence such a deafening shout.

Sykophunk Productions presents Mask: Persona, the second in a trilogy of poetry books with instruMental music soundtracks. Through the voice of the tortured revolutionary Joe Doe, these poems and lyrics speak of the injustice and insanity within our institutions and ideologies. Part prophecy of apocalyptic doom, part battle cry for a better future, 100% middle finger to the system and to society’s idea of what poetry and narrative should be. Are you ready to fly? To transcend the norm and open up your third eye? Welcome to the rEvolution…

We all wear various masks for different situations. It’s how we adapt and react to life. Wear a mask for too long, however, and it becomes difficult to remove. Especially if that mask has been forced upon you…

Through twisted poetry and dark ambient soundscapes, the tale of a tortured soul unfolds. In the aftermath of strange psychiatric and biogenetic experiments, our narrator questions reality, laments the loss of truth, and perhaps even reveals apocalyptic prophecies.

The first in a trilogy of poetry chapbooks with accompanying soundtracks, Mask: Shadow is now available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited! Click the pic above for links and more info.

Sykophunk Productions presents The Consciousness Conspiracy (Remix) vol. 1, a thought-provoking and stomach-turning collection of poetry for the post-truth era. Saturated with dark surrealism, reflections of depression, and nihilistic nightmares, this chapbook packs a gut punch. Bizarre experiments in horror imagery and existential darkness that test the limits of human experience. Life lessons buried under the corpses of past lives. Poems to question reality to.

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