Longer ago than he cares to let anyone know,

In the Valley of Hudson where villains and heroes both grow,

Came into being a little boy that they named Joe.

Early in life to the darkness he was introduced,

In the shadows of poverty and his stepfather’s abuse.

Childhood hardships they turned him into a recluse.

Through all these difficulties and the great isolation,

He developed an awesome and active imagination

As well as resilience and skills of improvisation.


Young still was Joe when his liking of horror did start,

Perhaps due to the darkness growing inside his own heart.

Even today this attraction has yet to depart.

As a teenager he felt an unstable progression:

Confusing emotions colliding in depths of depression,

Creating formations of crazy artistic expressions.

Then after high school his life took a turn towards nomadic,

And he traveled around the country as an artist and addict.

Over a decade of failures; he kept going at it.


Before he completely managed to crash and then burn,

To the Valley of Hudson Joe made a determined return.

Studying industry tactics was now his concern.

Finally joining the likes of normal society,

It came with a day job and living a life of sobriety.

That came with a big dose of debilitating anxiety.

Still he had managed to lessen his own self-destruction;

Instead he was able to do some foundation construction

And start up his own business: Sykophunk Productions.


Hundreds of songs, as well as two self-published books –

Joe was doing pretty well, yes at least by the looks.

To hold it together though, nobody knew what it took.

Slowly but surely he found himself once again sinking

Back into that negative state of mind and anxious thinking,

And again he succumbed to his demons of darkness and drinking.

Then for another few more years he went on this ride,

Until he received both an NDE and DUI

When he drunk drove his van straight into a tree and almost died.


Joe he soon after acquired a whole new perspective.

In the years of his age, his experiences were reflective,

And he finally began a new life that was more corrective.

Now he resides quietly somewhere in the Midwest,

Engaged to a woman who truly is simply the best,

With a positive outlook on life and a rekindled quest.

Currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree,

Continuing to create music, fiction, poetry…


He still has so much for the world to see.

He still has so much of the world to see.

He still has so much to be.